What's your challenge?

Below, please find abstracts of four challenging business cases I solved in the past.
Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

Procurement Excellence

Case 1: Category Management


  • Market competition within Service Centers

  • Deviating pricing and service conditions

  • High risk of quality issues


  • Implement cross-regional sourcing strategy

  • Align business KPIs, include country specifics

  • Prioritize inhouse sourcing


  • Cost reduction of more than 20%

  • Contract compliance increase from 30% to 95%

  • Firm relationship with preferred suppliers

Project Management

Case 2: Risk and Control Framework


  • Different implementation approaches by country

  • Deviating interpretation of controls

  • Several serious findings during audits


  • Setup support team, assign dedicated resources

  • Establish central guideline and policy framework

  • Support reviews and tool modification


  • No serious findings

  • Consistent compliance standard

  • Harmonized tool support and fit-for-purpose reporting

Process Optimisation

Case 3: Release Management


  • Fragmented suite of programs, complex architecture

  • Inhomogeneous processes and countless interfaces

  • High risk of system failure and outage


  • Introduce staggered release management

  • Establish extensive quality checks

  • Setup train-the-trainer courses


  • High customer satisfaction rating

  • Increased usability and user acceptance

  • Decreased number of defects

Program Development

Case 4: Business Transformation


  • Company transformation towards global business

  • High number of Merger & Acquisition

  • Functions setup in silos within regions and countries


  • Develop program for organisational change

  • Introduce people-centred change management

  • Prepare country specific roll-out


  • Improved business relationship

  • Increased execution efficiency
  • Fast-tracked cost optimisation

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